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Sigma Wealth Strategies is a wealth management company with a difference.

Traditionally, the sole objective of an IFA has been to try to maximise clients’ returns, often by stock picking and trying to second guess the market. This has usually been attempted through a blanket investment approach with little regard for the actual reason for trying to achieve returns.

We differ in that we focus on you as an individual, not on how much money you have. We do not promise amazing investment returns, neither do we encourage you to take unnecessary risks. Our role is to identify how you can best use your income and capital and help you understand more about your overall relationship with money.

Our starting point is to work closely with you to discuss your dreams and aspirations and encourage you to picture your ideal future. We then put in place a financial plan to show you how much of this can be achieved without running out of money.

We have learnt that our approach is not right for everyone, but if you still have things that you would like to do in life, then our proposition may just be right for you.

Please take a few minutes to look at our website before you decide.


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